Formed by experienced improvisers, The Improv Shop training program will arm you with the knowledge and resources you need to develop your own personal performance skillset.

We offer classes for all experience levels, and our curriculum introduces the core concepts of the art form in an intuitive way.

Over the course of four Core levels – each with a unique focus – you’ll not only build confidence in your abilities, but also grow a wealth of friendships along the way. Teams levels provide an opportunity for those interested in performance to play in a series of live performances where they can showcase everything they’ve learned.

Explore below to learn more and discover an exciting new avenue to express all of your gooey/loving/sappy/mild/wild emotions!

Registration for our IN-PERSON January 2021 Session of classes is now CLOSED. Our next session of classes will begin in March 2022 with registration opening by Friday, January 21st.

asteriskGrads in need
of a brush-up?

We provide graduates the opportunity to re-enroll in classes at a discounted rate. Contact us to learn more. Or fill out our IS Class Friendo program interest form for the chance to possibly re-take courses free of charge.

A little housekeeping!

  • If you’re under 18, your parents’ or guardians’ permission is required.

  • Internship opportunities are available for discounted class rates.

  • Check back often to take advantage of early registration discounts.

  • Our classes are uncensored and may bring up some adult-ish topics.