St. Louis

Level 2:
Group Mind

Designed exclusively for The Improv Shop by master teacher and three-time iO Coach of the Year Winner Liz Allen, Level 2 introduces players to the concept of group mind – what it really is, why it’s so important, and how to connect to it. In the early ‘90s, Liz studied group mind with Del Close. Once she started coaching improv 20 years ago, she honed Del’s lessons about group mind into her own, which are presented in this level.

Group mind is the collective combined subconscious of all the players. It is the act of all members thinking, performing and collaborating as one. When the players drop their own agendas, discard ego-driven ideas and submit to the group, the group’s improv will begin to ‘click’ and feel inspired. The players in this class will learn how to access and depend on group mind deliberately and without feeling like a hippy dork. The goal of this level is to impart a deep understanding of the power and potential of group mind through tangible lessons.

By the end of this level, players will understand what Liz learned all those years ago from Del: what the group creates is greater than what the individual can conceive.

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