The Improv Shop Annex is a space to help our growing community continue to learn, practice, and make connections.

In addition to providing more classroom and workshop space, the Annex is a workspace members of the IS community can join for $20/month. Subscribers can reserve any of the building’s 6 workspaces for team practices and group meetings.

Interested in making the Annex your team’s new practice spot?

Read through the FAQ below to learn more or email us at with your questions.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any additional questions, contact us at

How much is an Annex subscription, and what does that get me?

A subscription to The Improv Shop Annex is $20/month, per person. This gets you unlimited access to available rooms in the building for practices or meetings.

How many rooms are included in my subscription?

The Annex has 6 practice spaces. With your subscription, you can reserve any of those spaces when they are available (i.e. not reserved or occupied for class).

How does payment work?

After signing up for The Annex, you will receive your first invoice via email. You will use this invoice to pay your first month via credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Payments will recur the first day of the month. Be sure to select “automatic payments” when paying your first invoice.

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you may use the Annex! Your first (partial) month is complimentary.

Can I pause my subscription?

We don’t pause subscriptions but are happy to cancel them at any time. If you would like to restart a canceled subscription, there is no penalty or startup fee – just reach out any time!

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you ever need to cancel, please email us at

We will honor your subscription through the end of the month. Your subscriptions and automatic payments will end at the beginning of the following month.

I’d prefer to pay in cash. Is that an option?

Sorry! We can only accept credit, debit, or ACH payments at this time.

One of my team members already pays for a subscription. Do I still have to pay to practice at the Annex?

Yes! Every individual who uses the Annex must be an active subscriber. However, your subscription has no use or team limits – meaning your subscription will give you access to the space for as many meetings or team practices as you choose to reserve!

I love planning out my calendar – how far in advance can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made up to 2 months in advance.

I want to get into the Annex ASAP – how soon can I reserve a space?

Reservations require a minimum of 30 minutes notice.

Can my team book multiple reservations at a time?

Yes. Within the two month limit, you can book as many reservations as you like. However, if a person or team consistently fails to use the spaces they reserve, their subscription privileges may be subject to probation or suspended altogether.

Does every member of my team need to make a reservation?

Nope! One member can reserve the space for the entire team. However, you will be prompted to add all of the people you expect to attend to your reservation form, and each of those individuals must be an active subscriber to the Annex. You can also invite team members so that everyone receives a confirmation email!

The reservation page doesn’t list my preferred date and/or time…what gives?

If the reservation page does not list your preferred date or time, no reservations are available. Reservations for your preferred time may be available at a different duration, in a different room, or on a different date.

I no longer need my reservation. What should I do?

Please cancel your reservation as soon as you know you no longer need it so the space will be available to other subscribers.

Can I book a show at the Annex?

Sorry! Due to permit requirements, we cannot currently use the Annex as a performance venue.

Can I bring a friend or invite a guest to practice?

No – the Annex is designed to be a community space. The only people allowed to use or occupy it are up-to-date subscribers of the facility.

My coach isn’t a subscriber. Can they come to practice at the Annex?

Sorry! To ensure that community rules are maintained, everyone – even coaches – must be active subscribers.

Do I need to be an Annex subscriber to be on a House Team / IS performer?

No! While we hope that this facility is an asset to our community of learners and performers, we understand that it might not be for everyone. Nobody (apart from anyone intending to use the facility for independent practice space) is required to subscribe to the Annex.

I’m a student, and my classes take place at the Annex. Do I need to subscribe?

No! Use of the facility during class is covered in your class fees. However, if you’d like to use the facility outside of assigned classes, please reach out to set up a subscription.

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