St. Louis

Level 1:
Introduction To Longform Improv

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning the craft of scene-based improvisation. Through scenic games and exercises, the class will embrace the fundamentals of listening, risk-taking, working as a group and agreement. The main goals are to overcome fear and be open to growth as a performer. We will not look to inject our scenes with “funny” ideas but rather find the patterns and relationships that will build to a comedic crescendo. This class will not only introduce students to acting and comedy, but help those interested in building confidence for any type of public speaking and/or presentation in front of an audience.

Upcoming St. Louis Sessions:
  • Section 1: Sun, 2:10-4:10pm Nunn Starts 11/17 Enroll Now
  • Section 2: Tue, 7-9pm Martin Starts 11/19 Enroll Now
  • Section 3: Wed, 7-9pm Penn Starts 11/20 Enroll Now