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The Improv Shop means business.

Saying yes, listening intently, bringing your whole self, and creating space for vulnerability and collaboration are how world-class teams are built – whether those teams are on stage, or in the office.

With over a decade of team-building curriculum and experience, The Improv Shop helps organizations build higher-performing cultures by pairing desired business outcomes with improv techniques.

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Team Building (In-Person or Hybrid/Remote)

Many organizations are struggling to keep their teams engaged and connected in increasingly dispersed environments. Through custom exercises and games, we help teams explore how to make collaboration easier, more fun, and more effective.

“We like to think we’re funny, but The Improv Shop really put us to the test! While some  of us were initially apprehensive, Ashley and Ryan put us at ease and laughing within minutes. We were pleasantly surprised and delighted by team-building improv games that focused on developing our listening, empathy and collaboration skills.”

Creative Solutioning

When it comes to ideation, many teams operate from “no, but” without even realizing it. Fostering an environment of “yes, and” allows teams to build on possibilities rather than defaulting to shooting them down. This results in a safer place to collaborate more deeply and, ultimately, yields better ideas.

Tough Conversations

One of the most frequent questions we get is: can improv help my teams have hard conversations? The answer is a resounding “yes! And…” (sorry, couldn’t resist) … the way we navigate these waters can have rippling impacts on our people and our culture. Learn how intentional listening, empathy, and direct feedback can empower your people to have hard conversations with confidence and care.

Just for Fun

Have you ever wanted to have fun with your co-workers but were desperate to avoid activities that only make room for small talk? Come play with us instead. Uncover things you never knew you had in common with your co-workers. Collaborate to tell a story about a fish…in a hat…with a mansion. Laugh together – a lot. We help teams have fun playing theatre and improv games where no one gets put on the spot but everyone gets to shine. We’ll show you how; your team will make it happen.

Speaking Engagements & More

Need flexibility with your programming? Maybe you only have an hour…Maybe you have a really large group…Maybe your team isn’t quite ready to jump into exercises. No problem! Our team has worked with teams just like yours to find the right fit.


Customizable Packages

1-4 hour standard duration
2+ trained facilitators
Bespoke exercises
Private shows, ticket packages

Our Venue

Two stages
Private parking
Full bar
Projection capabilities
Professional audio and lighting set-up

Our Experience

We’ve helped numerous clients apply the tenets of improv to the way they do business – improving communication, bolstering team morale, and making work a place people go to collaborate and thrive.

The brilliant folks from The Improv Shop facilitated an awesome team-building session. It helped us step outside our comfort zone and showed us that we all have a chance to pick each other up. — Erin Tobin, Schneider Transportation Management

Yes, and…

“Yes, and” might be simple, but that doesn’t make it easy. Saying “yes” takes practice and trust. It needs an environment where people are safe to contribute and committed to listening and free to discover the best they have to offer. But if all that sounds like a lot to take on, don’t worry…we’re here to help. We’ve got your back.