1-Minute Tips: John Langen

Excerpt shared from immakingallthisup.com // Author: Ben Noble John Langen takes the lessons he’s learned from the art form and applies them to his life. He is kind and caring. He makes everyone […]

1 Minute Tips: Melanie Penn

Excerpt shared from immakingallthisup.com // Author: Ben Noble No matter what’s going on in her life, Melanie Penn is always a beacon of positivity. She is a great teacher, an awesome friend, and […]

Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

Author: Bobby McCosky I want to talk about happiness in improv. I don’t mean how to find happiness in doing improv (which I hope you do find), but how to […]

Reality Is So Basic

Author: Thom Murray of IS Harold Team Glass Shark Who are we, where are we, what are we doing, and how do we feel. These are the four questions every improviser […]

1 Minute Tips: Andy Sloey

Excerpt shared from immakingallthisup.com // Author: Ben Noble It’s no secret that Andy Sloey is top-notch. He plays openly and from the heart. He eagerly encourages new players and shares supportive words with […]

It Depends: The Suggestion

Welcome to It Depends, an ongoing series where Ben examines two competing sides of an improv concept. There is no championship belt at the end – just the joy of […]

Spotlight: Trish Berrong

  To even start talking about the things Trish Berrong has done for the Kansas City improv community seems like a long and daunting task that will still fall short […]

Get to Know Glass Shark

  Word on the street is that new kids on the block – Glass Shark – had a bunch of hits, but what did they do prior to going platinum? Read on […]