IS Friendos are graduates who want to re-take a course while also helping their new classmates learn and bond.

The IS Friendo will take notes during each class recapping the core lessons, and emails or posts them online so that every student in class can review. They spearhead social activities and trips to see shows, and also answer questions students may have regarding future performance or class opportunities at The Improv Shop.

In exchange, IS Friendos will re-take the course free of charge.

– Must have graduated The Improv Shop training program
– Availability for making every class meeting (exception of emergency situations)
– Desire to re-take a class as a student; this is not a TA position
– Currently only available in St. Louis

Sound like something that might be up your alley? At this time, we’re currently gauging interest in the program prior to rolling it out. Fill out the form below to possibly opt in.