1 Minute Tips: Andy Sloey

Excerpt shared from immakingallthisup.com // Author: Ben Noble

It’s no secret that Andy Sloey is top-notch. He plays openly and from the heart. He eagerly encourages new players and shares supportive words with more seasoned veterans. He truly wants to see everyone succeed. And with that, here are a few quick tips he shared for those just starting out in this crazy craft!

#1. Don’t be cute.
Don’t betray the reality of the characters you’re portraying by letting on that you are improvising. When you’re up there, you ARE these people. When you wink at the audience, when you acknowledge to them that this is just a make-em up (as a joke or bit or whatever), then you are lessening the impact and gravity of everything you’re trying to do.

#2. Be patient, both in your actual scene work and in your progression.
It took me years of practice and performance after completing study at various training centers before I actually felt okay with anything I was doing.

#3. Most importantly, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.
Just you. The fact that you are a human being with thoughts, interests, feelings and emotions makes you SUPREMELY INTERESTING. You don’t have to do so much, you don’t have to push – just be yourself, because you are enough.