Get to Know Glass Shark


Word on the street is that new kids on the block – Glass Shark – had a bunch of hits, but what did they do prior to going platinum? Read on for what some call quick tidbits, others vital knowledge, and few the hottest takes about each of the players!




“Once I was in a movie with Wilford
Brimley (#diabeetus), but it was
never released.”




“I mainly talk to dogs at parties.
100% convinced that people
secretly memorize my shoes in
public restrooms. I want to talk
to you, I just don’t know how.




“I convinced myself I was an alien
at the age of 8 and was quick to let
people know about it. I would
obsessively draw my dream space
station and then show it off to
anyone who was too nice to walk
away. Also, I could easily eat 2lbs
of sour gummy worms in one sitting
and it’s not that weird of a flex, okay?”




“I was born on the Mexican
holiday Day of the Dead. No,
I’m not Mexican. I can fill a
glass with water without spilling
by sound alone. I can make a
three leaf clover shape with
my tongue.”




“When I was young, I lived places.
Now that I’m old, I embrace spaces.
It’s a long life, we all go through
changes. The key… is … take it …
in paces.”




“My ideal man is Ripster from Street
Sharks. I am afraid of birds and ants.
When I was a youngin’ I was sneezed
on by an elephant and yes, it looked
just like that scene from Jurassic
Park where a Brachiosaurus sneezes
on Lex.”




“I love the band Queen. I play a few
instruments like guitar, trumpet,
piano. I can talk about movies with
anyone for as long as it takes.
Seriously, challenge accepted.”




“I’m afraid of heights and when
I’m super high up and look over
the edge the bottoms of my feel
start tingling.”




“Oh, shit.”