1-Minute Tips: John Langen

Excerpt shared from immakingallthisup.com // Author: Ben Noble

John Langen takes the lessons he’s learned from the art form and applies them to his life. He is kind and caring. He makes everyone else look good. He gives freely. He truly listens. Next time you see him, ask him for a story. You’ll probably learn something. But for now, check out his quick improv tips below!

#1. You’re never going to be as good at improvisation as you want to be.
That’s because being “good ” is a dangling carrot on a stick. Remember, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.

#2 Once a year, take a trip away from home with the primary purpose to see improvisation in other places.
There’s great stuff out there and it will likely reignite your passion and inspiration for the work.