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Learn improvisation from St. Louis’s comedy veterans. Improvisation is a fundamental tool for every comedian, actor and entertainer, and whether you’re getting up on a stage for the first time or preparing for professional performances, you need a strong improv skill set.

Formed by experienced improvisers, The Improv Shop gives you the resources you need to develop your abilities. We offer classes for performers of all experience levels, and our curriculum introduces the core concepts of the art form in an intuitive way. We also provide students with confidence through a personalized development process, eventually allowing the performance of longform structures (including the Harold, a famous form used by hundreds of improv centers across the country). Regardless of experience, we start all students off in either Level 0 or Level 1. We feel our training center has a specific thrust that is valuable to performers of all experience levels.

If you’re under 18, your parents or guardian’s permission is required. Our classes are uncensored and focused around an adult experience.


Registration will close on Saturday, June 2nd. Classes start Saturday, June 9th. Level 1 Early Registration Discount good through Friday, May 4th.

We will not be holding classes on 7/3, 7/4, 7/7 or 7/8 this session. For specific class dates, see our student calendar.

Sketch and Musical Improv Classes will be open for registration by the end of April.

If you’ve successfully completed a class level in The Improv Shop training center and wish to repeat it, contact us at to get the $100 repeat rate.

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