Graduate Spotlight: Grant Cawley


Do you know upcoming grad Grant Cawley? If not, you should.
Read on – and say hi next time you see him around the shop!


How’d you hear about The Improv Shop and what made you decide to get involved?

I first heard about The Improv Shop when I started to get involved in SLU’s improv club. We would come see shows after our meetings on Friday nights, and it was always a great time. I didn’t actually know anything about improv then, and seeing shows at IS was an awesome glimpse into longform improv done well. I took my first class with several friends from the club, and have gotten more involved ever since.

Any favorite memories from classes?

There’s so many! In our Level 3 class, Andy had to keep telling us that it’s okay to act upset or angry with each other on stage. Our group was so close and sensitive to each other’s feelings that we didn’t even want to pretend to be upset with each other. Meeting outside of class to do improv in the park and in basements was also a lot of weird fun.

What’s your next move comedy-wise?
I want to keep doing what I’m doing mostly! I’d love to keep performing with the people that have managed to stick together throughout our time in classes, and at the same time, branch out and improvise with friends who I haven’t had the chance to yet. As for a move to make, I’d love to try musical improv. I’m not musically trained or gifted but it looks like a lot of fun!

What’s a scene you hope to never have to act out on stage?

I hope I never have to act out a scene where I play a passionate Cubs fan. I wouldn’t say no to it, but it wouldn’t be true to who I am. A casual fan I would be more okay with, but a passionate one would take a lot out of me.