The Menagerie

Come one! Come all! and catch three local improv teams as they perform in front of a live audience. Just like a zoo!...except there's no cages or fish tanks.


Student Showcase

Join our Teams Level students as they showcase their talents every Thursday at 7pm! We'll have an improv jam afterwards so anyone can get in on the fun.


House Team Night

Three Improv Shop House Teams take the stage in House Team Night! Each week you'll see different styles and flavors of longform improv, all in a nice little three set package. This week's teams: Shitshow, Zam Pow!, Dames, Miller and, Pitts



Three local Improv teams will take over the sidestage and get a little weird with it! Experimental, fun, different. Settle down with whatever people drink in the spring/summer and enjoy!



The Cagematch, which was originally created by Kevin Mullaney (former Artistic Director at the UCB Theater), returns to The Improv Shop starting Friday, January 12th 2024. A friendly, longform competition show between two teams, The Cagematch will take place every Friday at 10pm. YOU, THE AUDIENCE, DETERMINES THE WINNER. The winning team plays in the […]



It's a double date! 2zin Tarandon and Zam Pow join forces form an improv Megazord. The ramifications of such a collaboration are cosmic. After performing a set each, they will initiate improv mitosis, and form the greatest crossover event in history since This is a free event!

Adult Friends

Adult Friends (Melanie Penn, Ashley Rube, Ryan Myers, Kevin McKernan and Andy Sloey) invite you to an evening of longform improvisation on The Improv Shop's mainstage. Join us, won't you?


Movie Night by iFX

In a world of boredom, their only weapon is improv. This summer one team will blow dullness up with an immersive cinematic experience like no other. Preorder your tickets now for Movie Night by iFX. Each month, iFX will improvise a completely new blockbuster movie, using improvised effects to create heart pounding action, tear jerking […]


A Three-Way with Cummingbird

Cummingbird (Melanie Penn, Michael Dorwart & Andy Sloey) cordially invite you to A Three-Way. This show will feature three improv teams made up of three people each, culminating in an orgiastic combination of all three teams. This week's teams: Dope Tropes & Hot Sludge Funday This is a free event!

Tiel’s Birthday Extravaganza

A show to celebrate the birth of comedy’s biggest fan with Stand up by: Andrew Gieselmann, Emily Hooper and Ella Fritts And improv by: Stay Tuned and Touch Baseball This is a free event!