Peanuts & Cracker Jacks w/Touch Baseball

Touch Baseball (Ashley Rube and Ryan Myers) invite you to a night of improvisation. Peanuts & Cracker Jacks utilizes childhood writings for inspiration! Ghosts (Melanie Penn & Andy Sloey) will open!


Idiot Birthday

Alayna Huthsing born September 9th, Leslie Symonds born September 18th and Brigid Dolan born September 17th trap everyone in a room and make them listen to them talk over an episode of Bridgerton for their birthdays. Gifts encouraged. This is a free show.

The Menagerie

Come one! Come all! and catch three local improv teams as they perform in front of a live audience. Just like a zoo!...except there's no cages or fish tanks. This is a free event!

Student Showcase

Join our Teams Level students as they showcase their talents every Thursday at 7pm! We'll have an improv jam afterwards so anyone can get in on the fun.

Matters of No Import

It's finally here, a groundbreaking show that answers the questions that no one else is asking. Because no one cares. Come watch two carefully selected experts passionately debate a topic they've only just learned about! After hearing their arguments our judge will settle the matter and together we'll improvise a show to help you realize […]


House Team Night

Three Improv Shop House Teams take the stage in House Team Night! Each week you'll see different styles and flavors of longform improv, all in a nice little three set package. This week's teams: Lil' Nuggies?, Dogbody, Idiot Baseball


Cagematch 2023 Tournament – Round 1

It's the 2023 Cagematch Tournament! The top sixteen teams from the regular season will battle it out for your votes every Friday at 10pm in Mainstage. This week’s match: ROUND 1, MATCH 2 - #8 Therapish vs. #9 Mitch & Friends


The One Four Fives present an Improvised Musical!

It's the opening (and err, closing) night of a Broadway-style musical, completely made up on the spot! Based on an audience suggestion, The One Four Fives create a musical that has never been seen before. Every performance is a unique experience full of drama, comedy, emotions, and of course, songs.


The Seance, hosted by Ghosts

Ghosts (Melanie Penn & Andy Sloey) cordially request your presence at The Seance. The rite will be held in the sidestage of The Improv Shop at 10pm on Saturdays September 9th & 23rd in the year of our Lord 2023. We will be joined by Mother God (Tracey Petrillo & Tim Reardon), Idiot Bitch (Leslie […]