Katy Paul

St. Louis

Katy Paul is proud to have graduated with the first class of The Improv Shop’s training program in October of 2010. She received both her BA and BS from the University of Missouri–Columbia where she studies Education, History and Theater. Aside from the fabulous instructors and coaches at IS, she had the opportunity to learn from Susan Messing, Jill Bernard, Jimmy Carrane, Bill Arnett, Bill Chott and Laura and Rick Hall as well as many other visiting instructors.

As an improv teacher, Katy has worked with CORE Improv and Compass Improv, where she is the past-president and a current board member, and as a coach for local independent teams. Katy has performed with several local troupes including Magic Ratio, Strange Bedfellows, Timequake and Let’s Make a Scene: The Improvised Game Show. She currently takes to the stage on house Harold team Burnside. Katy is an enthusiastic member of the St. Louis improv community and cherishes the joy and love it has brought to her life.