Annie Niehoff Walsh

St. Louis

Annie Niehoff Walsh graduated The Improv Shop program in 2014. She spent 2016 and 2017 teaching improv to high school performers in St. Louis and continues teaching to young performers at her day job with middle school students.

In 2016,  Annie became a cast member of ImprovAcadia, located in Bar Harbor, Maine. Since then she has performed in festivals in cities around the world including The Nestival in Columbus, OH, Third Coast Improv Festival in Nashville, TN, Louisville’s Damn Good Improv Festival, KY, The Del Close Marathon, NY and with Whose Line Is It Anyway-Barcelona. She regularly performs with Harold team Glass Shark and independent team HOMEBURGER.

Annie became a faculty member in 2019 and is looking forward to contributing to a life-changing curriculum of classes offered by The Improv Shop. Her improv pedagogy relies on the value of each person expressing their voice, experience, and point of view to bring laughter and clarity to a confusing world.