1-Minute Tips: John Langen

Excerpt shared from immakingallthisup.com // Author: Ben Noble John Langen takes the lessons he’s learned from the art form and applies them to his life. He is kind and caring. He makes everyone else look good. He gives freely. He truly listens. Next time you see him, ask him for a story. You’ll probably learn something. But for… Continue reading

Simple Solutions to the Scenes We’re Told to Avoid

Originally Posted on yeslabyrinth.tumblr.com // Author: Bobby McCosky Stranger scenes, transaction scenes and teaching scenes. They all have similar pitfalls but with some good recognition of where they can go wrong, we can learn how to make them work. #1. Stranger Scenes What are they? Stranger scenes are any scene where two or more improvisers put… Continue reading

1 Minute Tips: Melanie Penn

Excerpt shared from immakingallthisup.com // Author: Ben Noble No matter what’s going on in her life, Melanie Penn is always a beacon of positivity. She is a great teacher, an awesome friend, and has a few tidbits to share that may leave you inspired! #1. Don’t beat yourself up about your choices. You’ll continue to do bad scenes… Continue reading

Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

Author: Bobby McCosky I want to talk about happiness in improv. I don’t mean how to find happiness in doing improv (which I hope you do find), but how to be happy characters in our scenes. With newer improvisers – and even some experienced ones – I am often surprised at how quickly the scenes… Continue reading

Reality Is So Basic

Author: Thom Murray of IS Harold Team Glass Shark Who are we, where are we, what are we doing, and how do we feel. These are the four questions every improviser languishes over at the top of their scenes. To ask a performer to organically discover the life and relationship-status of a group, cooperatively and simultaneously,… Continue reading

1 Minute Tips: Andy Sloey

Excerpt shared from immakingallthisup.com // Author: Ben Noble It’s no secret that Andy Sloey is top-notch. He plays openly and from the heart. He eagerly encourages new players and shares supportive words with more seasoned veterans. He truly wants to see everyone succeed. And with that, here are a few quick tips he shared for those just starting… Continue reading

Graduate Spotlight: Kaitlyn Forks

  It’s time you got to know our brand new grad, Kaitlyn Forks! We think she’s swell and think you will, too.   How’d you hear about the shop and what made you want to get involved? Kurt Vonnegut is my favorite author. I drove by the shop after work one day and I recognized… Continue reading

It Depends: The Suggestion

Welcome to It Depends, an ongoing series where Ben examines two competing sides of an improv concept. There is no championship belt at the end – just the joy of learning. // Author: Ben Noble An improv show cannot start without addressing the audience suggestion. Whether that means an expertly crafted solicitation (like asking for… Continue reading

Spotlight: Trish Berrong

  To even start talking about the things Trish Berrong has done for the Kansas City improv community seems like a long and daunting task that will still fall short – but let’s try to do a brief summary! She founded The Lighten Up Improv Co. in the 90s, which put on a festival that… Continue reading

Improv: A New Religion with the Same Old Faults (Humans)

Originally Posted on yeslabyrinth.tumblr.com // Author: Bobby McCosky When you first get into improv, it’s very much like finding a new, wonderful religion. Everyone is super nice, supportive. You are learning all these exciting principles, and beliefs that make you feel like part of something bigger than yourself. It can truly be a cathartic experience. But… Continue reading

Get to Know Glass Shark

  Word on the street is that new kids on the block – Glass Shark – had a bunch of hits, but what did they do prior to going platinum? Read on for what some call quick tidbits, others vital knowledge, and few the hottest takes about each of the players!     BEN “Once I was… Continue reading