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The Stories We Hold: Storytelling Workshop

The Stories We Hold

Welcome to Storiespeak: a workshop space dedicated to you and your stories. Every person is a treasure trove of memories and experiences, but the meaning we derive from our experiences are the stories we tell about it. The Stories We Hold is an 8-week workshop that assists you in discovering your unique story language – your storiespeak – or the best vehicle to share your story. Classes will incorporate writing and storytelling exercises as you craft a story to share with an audience. Together with your peers, you will generate new story ideas, practice getting up and speaking in front of the class, explore new ways to use your voice, and learn how to tell your story without notes. We will also consider the connection between your physical body and the stories you hold there. Participants are encouraged to bring a notebook and pen with them to class.

This workshop is especially for:

  • People who want to strengthen their voice and storytelling skills.
  • Anyone curious about the stories they hold in their minds and bodies.
  • People who want to infuse their life with more creativity.

All are welcome, from the seasoned speaker to someone who’s never told a story publicly before.

Upcoming St. Louis Sessions: