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St. Louis


Whether we know it or not, we are all storytellers. A good story is engaging, resonant, and inspiring. How does one become a good story teller? By getting up in front of other people and telling your stories. This class is a workshop in storytelling: participants bring their true, personal stories and practice telling them aloud from memory. We’ll map out your thoughts and memories into a coherent narrative, build confidence through practice, celebrate taking risks, and explore the art of storytelling.

Come to class with a couple of personal and true stories in mind. Be prepared to speak your stories out loud by memory, and then the class will provide positive feedback for each storyteller that propels them forward in crafting a great story. After the completion of the course, we will do a showcase at The Improv Shop.

Skills that will be practiced and learned:
– Build confidence telling stories to other people
– Exercise the muscle of taking risks and being vulnerable in front of a group
– Gain awareness of our own verbal habits or ticks and how to lessen them
– Practice the physicality of presenting to a group of people