St. Louis

Liz Allen Workshops

Over the years Liz has shaped, invented and reimagined improv exercises to fit what she considers to be the most important long-form concepts. As an improv teacher, Liz’s goals are to help improvisers (1) calm internal chaos, (2) understand what to sniff for, (3) how to apply inspiration when it hits, (28) break the bonds of convention and expectation, and (5) believe their ensemble can experience fulfilling long-forms consistently.

Liz covers some of her favorite exercises in each workshop, and participants will understand their application to long-form.

These favorites will be covered in a 3-week series, but it isn’t imperative that the students take all 3 classes in the series. Each weekly 2-hour class will focus on Liz’s different favorite exercises. Maximum 10 students per class.

Faves of the Day, Class #1
Saturday Nov 7 & Dec 5
11:30 am – 1:30 pm CST

  1. Inanimate Animation – When you play other than human & human scenes, you take a risk and speak from uncommon points of view, and that’s good. We need to push ourselves to take risks to build self-trust. Inevitably, when you take the risk of being non-human, you open up yourself to new risk terrain overall as an improviser.
  2. Time & Consequence – Understanding the power of time dashes is what we’ll cover, taking characters and relationships through time unexpectedly. We don’t need to be linear through time to tell expand a long-form.
  3. Cousins & Clones – Often we think we have to offer an opposing voice for conflict or interest throughout a long-form. But really, when we attach to an established point of view, we bring forth the entire group’s voice.
  4. Absorb, Accept, Regurgitate – Every scene in every long-form belongs to everyone; there is no “your scene” or “their scene.” Because of this, there’s responsibility to learn to absorb what’s being done, even if you’re not in it, underscoring the importance of generosity and nimbleness.


Faves of the Day, Class #2
Saturday, Nov 14 & Dec 12
11:30 am – 1:30 pm

  1. I Wanna Do Something, but What If I’m Wrong? – Watching a scene takes practice just like creating a scene. What to watch for, how to contribute from the back line, and knowing when to do nothing, is the topic here. Most of the time we don’t contribute because we don’t want to mess up what’s happening. An important part of watching improv is learning how not to panic, trust your instincts, and build your confidence watching a scene. Learning to trust you know when a scene something, what it needs, or not, and how best to help that scene thrive.
  2. Additives – One element of long-form is telling a character’s journey, and fortunately in improv we aren’t constrained to traditional story-telling techniques. We can use unusual elements to add to a character’s journey to fill out a storyline, and enhance what’s happening in creative ways.


Faves of the Day, Class #3
Saturday, Nov 21 & Dec 19
11:30 am – 1:30 pm

  1. Patterning – Looking for the pattern in anything, an abstract game or a scene, is a good technique for decreasing mental chaos while improvising. Improv is inherently overwhelming, but understanding the pattern structure underneath a long-form can be a guide for what to do next.
  2. Monologue as Battery – The fuel under any long-form is emotional vulnerability; it isn’t a great plot choice or a funny idea. The fuel is heart, and one of the best ways to infuse heart into a long-form is with an unexpected, short (one minute or less!) and meaningful monologue.
  3. Through the Whale’s Mouth – A strong pattern opportunity to show character’s inner lives & decision-making. Incorporating elements of the exercise Time & Consquence, this is way for all characters to have resolution, and often the fourth wall is broken to attain the thrill of colliding our true realities with the long-form.


Upcoming St. Louis Sessions:
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