St. Louis

DanceProv with Anna Neu

In this three hour workshop, movement work makes good scenes great. This improvised dance workshop for all levels can help you not only be more in touch with your characters physicality in scenes, but to be comfortable in your body on stage as well. Also it’s fun to let yourself dance and look silly in a safe and welcoming space!

Anna Neu has coached circuit and team performance, workshop teams and her DanceProv workshop through Magnet Theater, and taught other indie groups since 2015. Current performer, voice over artist and comedy dance choreographer. Anna is a trained dancer of 15 years studying everything from ballet and modern, to hip hop and improvised dance. Anna took RAD ballet exams, performance awards, and participated in a few competitions in dance as well as being a part of semi-professional ballet shows. With previous dance training traveling to London and New York to learn from professional choreographers. She studied at a two year acting conservatory and took weekly classes in movement and clown work. Anna’s voice has been featured in several episodes of The Truth Podcast and a WNYC radio spot, and she has won a Moth Story Slam. An experienced improviser, dancer and coach with a love of incorporating all those things when performing.

Upcoming St. Louis Sessions:
  • Saturday, May 4th, 9am-12pm Starts 05/04 Enroll Now