St. Louis

3peat's Pat n Nams Workshops

Patrick Rowland and Nnamdi Ngwe of 3peat come to The Improv Shop on Saturday, May 4th to lead four workshops!

All workshops are $35 each.

Nnamdi Ngwe – Make and Bake A Move // 10am-12pm
Hesitancy from you or your ensemble kills momentum or an entire piece. But you can overcome this! We’ll explore how you as an individual can make moves that support others and empower you to make positive moves others would love to support.

Patrick Rowland – Mono Scene // 12-2pm
This workshop will give you the tools to sustain a scene for as long as you want. We’ll work on holding on to character choices, engaging in the environment, and enjoying the silence of scenes. You’ll gain the confidence you need to keep a scene going as well as hold the audiences attention to create deep meaningful work.

Nnamdi Ngwe – Improv your Swag // 2-4pm
Lacking confidence in your day to day life and/or improv? Let’s work it out together. Come here, open up, and leave confident af.

Patrick Rowland – Improv to Sketch // 4-6pm
Using improvisation you will learn the fundamentals of taking that great improv scene and turning it into fully fleshed out sketch. Please bring pen and notebook.


Upcoming St. Louis Sessions:
  • Make and Bake a Move: Saturday, May 4th, 10am-12pm Starts 05/04 Enroll Now
  • Mono Scene: Saturday, May 4th, 12-2pm Starts 05/04 Enroll Now
  • Improv Your Swag: Saturday, May 4th, 2-4pm Starts 05/04 Enroll Now
  • Improv to Sketch: Saturday, May 4th, 4-6pm Starts 05/04 Enroll Now