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Two 2 Tango

Fri, Nov 9th // 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm // $6

Everything is better in pairs. Glasses, scissors, pants (even though technically each of these things are one unit). Oh, and improv teams!

This week’s twosie show line-up: Woman + Boy, Lemon Brew and Levis & Philly!

An audience suggestion inspires a character, relationship-driven monoscene. By the end of Woman + Boy’s longform, duo set, a discovery will change the characters relationship for better… or worse!

Jared Brustad and Colter Lemmon improv sets as Lemon Brew are appropriately named. They take a little time, and patience to make an ultra refreshing set that will quench your thirst for grounded scenework.

Levis & Philly do a pretty fast-paced romp through a deconstruction form. That, or they like to open with a blues song, and base scenes off of that song. No matter which form they are in the mood to do, you’ll be in the mood to laugh.



Fri, Nov 9th
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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