Gerardo Delgado

St. Louis

Gerardo Delgado, a contributing writer at ClickHole and The Onion, has been continuously studying and performing improv since 2006. He’s finally back in his beloved hometown of St. Louis after spending the last 9 years in Chicago where he studied at all the major improv theaters. Before returning, he was coaching the headlining Friday night improv team at Chicago’s Comedy Clubhouse and performing with his own headlining team on Saturday nights to sold-out audiences.

Gerardo is a stress-free instructor. It’s his cherished belief that everyone can be good at improv, especially those who think they can’t/aren’t. If there’s a way to get you feeling comfortable with improv, he’ll find it. You can catch him playing with the ensemble cast of Field Day and you should feel free to approach him at any time with improv questions and overtures of friendship.