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    Got a cool form that you created? Share it here so other teams can try it out! Make sure you list its name, description, and how it works.


    Name: Chaplin
    Cast: 6

    This form really embraces silence, which tests the human condition because we hate silence! It’s also pretty similar to the pyramid form.

    1. Get a suggestion.

    2. The first two improvisers go out and strictly do a scene with object work. NO DIALOGUE. Edit. Second pair repeats with new object work. Edit. Third pair does the same.

    3. Same first pair goes out again and each improviser gets one line of diologue. Same for second and third pairs.

    4. This round each person in a pair gets 2 lines of dialogue.

    5. This round they each get three.

    6. This round they each get 2.

    7. Each get 1.

    8. Final round. Each scene gets a button!


    This form really helps you focus on object work and making sure the dialogue you are saying matters and hits hard. It’s full of emotion and detail.


    Silent Film:

    Cast: 5+ (1 narrator)
    Run time: 30 mins
    -Monologue 3 mins
    -Scene 1 (The beginning) 7-10 mins
    -Scene 2 (The middle) 5-8 mins
    -Scene 3 (The End) 3-6 mins
    -Final Monologue 1 min

    This form also embraces silence, taking on a structure similar to early cinema. This form should be played slow with a lot of listening. The tempo starts slow, increases speed towards the climax, and then slows down again for the conclusion. This form would work well with musical accompaniment. (I coincidently came up with this not having seen the previous post!)

    1. Suggestion
    (Possibly a title for a silent film.)

    2. Players exit to sidelines
    3. Blackout

    4. Lights come up, narrator center stage.
    5. Narrator establishes The Who, Where, and When.
    6. Black out
    7. Narrator exits
    8. Players enter stage (could be on stage when lights come up for extra surprise.)
    9. Players begin scene
    10. Sideline players add sound effects and diologue. When a player adds dialogue, they will continue to play the voice of the same performer for the duration of the scene. (Don’t worry about gender. Have fun with character voices.)
    11. Narrator may step to the front of the stage (staying off to the side) to add narration at any time.
    Final Monologue

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