We are the Longform Explorers Guild. Our mission: to be curators of longform improvisation’s past, help trailblaze its future, and hopefully become friends along the way. Pizzah!

This elective is for the advanced improviser interested in experimentation. Each week, the class begins with a student led discussion on longform improv, followed by an exploration of a new form, skill, or technique chosen by the instructor. Past topics include: improvising with music, creating forms, storytelling, building interesting stage pictures, callbacks, and monologuing. Take-aways are personal to each student’s experience and shared at the end of class. And keeping with the tongue-in-cheek Longform Explorers Guild theme, returning students can achieve membership ranks such as: Trailblazer, Pathfinder, Sherpa, and Scout.

This class is open to graduates of The Improv Shop training center with instructor’s permission.

Saturdays 12-2pm | Starting 7/8/2017 | 8 weeks