What is Longform Improvisation?

It’s what we do! “Longform Improvisation” is mostly teams of players doing approximately 25-minute sets of scenes based off of one suggestion from the audience. Oftentimes it looks like a montage of interrelated scenes. “Shortform Improvisation” is the kind of improv you see on Whose Line Is It Anyway. Sometimes we love to do it, but it’s not our main focus. If you want to know more, a Google search of either term will send you down a rabbit hole of nerdom that may be worthwhile or may be a total waste of time.

How much are shows?

Every show is $6 unless otherwise noted. All shows, with few exceptions, are free to Improv Shop students and performers.

How do I get tickets? Can I get them online? When does the theater open? When does the show start?

Advanced tickets can be purchased through our Calendar page. Click the date you want, and the specific event at the bottom of the page. Tickets can also be purchased at the theater on show nights when doors open at 7 PM. All shows start at 8 PM. We recommend getting there by 7:30 to get good seats.

Will you pick on me or single me out in your shows?

No. We may ask for audience suggestions, but that’s about it. You will never be forced to do something if you don’t volunteer, and we won’t single you out. We think that’s annoying.

Can I bring my kids?

We leave that up to your discretion. Our shows should be considered Rated R for potential language and adult situations. Realistically, 17 is probably the minimum age.

Do you serve food?

Why yes we do. We have a full service kitchen and an assortment of appetizers of sandwiches on our menu.

Is The Improv Shop accessible?


Where can I park?

We have our own parking lot to the east of our building.

How do I get to perform?

First, take the classes. Then either audition for a show or our Harold program. If you don’t like auditioning or want to do your own thing, form a team (after studying with us) with people you like performing with. Practice a lot. Then look for opportunities (ie. Cagematch or The Bunker) to perform at The Improv Shop. There’s also other opportunities that spring up around town. Perhaps consider joining the Facebook group “Saint Louis Improv” to hear about stuff going on

I have some experience with improv and want to skip Level 1. Can I?

Regardless of experience, we start all students off in Level 1. We feel that our training center has a specific thrust that is valuable to performers of all experience levels. We also place a heavy focus on ensemble, and giving it time to build throughout the training process is critical.

How much are classes?

Level 0, the optional level for total beginners that may even suffer from stage fright, is $150 for 6 weeks. All other Levels are $215 for 8 weeks; however, L1 has an early registration discount and all levels are discounted for full-time high school and college students. Please look at the class registration page for more specific details.

Can I pay for classes via a payment plan?

To request a payment plan for classes, you can send an email to classes@theimprovshop.com with “Payment Plan” in the subject line. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored.

How old do you need to be to take a class?

If you’re under 18, we’ll want to get your parents or guardian’s permission. We’ve certainly had mature high schoolers in the program, but our classes are uncensored and focused around an adult experience.

Can I get a refund on my class registration?

We do not offer refunds on class registrations. However, we can hold your registration payment which you can apply to any future class session.

Can I book The Improv Shop venue for a private show or workshop?

Maybe. It usually depends on theater availability. We absolutely love to try to do these kinds of events when they spring up. Just send us a message via our custom events page or email info@theimprovshop.com to discuss the potential.

Do you do private shows or workshops NOT at The Improv Shop?

Yes. We love to! Just send us a message via our custom events page or email info@theimprovshop.com to set it up.

I’m a current Improv Shop student, and I want to reserve practice space. How do I do that?

Email our general manager, Andy Sloey, at andy@theimprovshop.com, and he should be able to help you.