Sketch: Level 1 is a comprehensive overview of all the categories of written sketch coupled with exercises to help you move from a kernel of an idea to a fully fleshed out piece. We will cover terminology, style, ideation, structure, editing, revision, and table-read etiquette. Shifting from theory to practicality, we will explore concrete techniques to develop sketch collaboratively, including improvisation, brainstorming exercises, and the pitch process. By the end of the course, you will learn how to: pitch a sketch, flesh out characters, identify the “game” of a sketch, set and meet deadlines, fall in love with the rewrite, give and receive criticism, respect the importance of the table read, and embrace the killing of your beautiful darlings to produce a polished, professional sketch.

Pricing: $215
Time: 2 hours
Date: Sunday 4-6pm, starting Feb 4, 8 weeks long
Location: The Improv Shop
No refunds